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Collaboration Managed

Collaboration Managed

  • Metadata and tagging for any file
  • Unlimited file sizes
  • In-platform editing
  • Automated and manual QC management
  • Workflow designer with business logic and decision maker
  • Library manager guardrail
  • Virtual Screenings

Account Management

  • Real-time billing and job cost management
  • Multi and existing cloud integration
  • Preview workflow costings
Account Management Screen
Security with Efficiency at VIDA

Security with Efficiency

  • MPAA and TPN Certified
  • 2FA and Passwordless authentication
  • Google and Microsoft Single Sign-on
  • Custom policies by user or group

delivery supply chain

VIDA Central Cost Management

Central Cost Management

  • Connect with partners, suppliers and facilities to centrally manage capacity and localization orders within the EGA vetted ecosystem.
  • Create Custom “Virtual Warehouse” with pre-set automation and placeholders for unfinished content.
Full VIDA API access allows for widespread integration


  • Full VIDA API access allows for widespread integration across Salesforce, Xytech, Film Track, Telestream, Colorfront Transkoder, Dolby Hybrik, Aspera, and Signiant.
VIDA has a 1 Click Distribution Option

1-Click Distribution

  • Connect to any broadcaster or streamer with a pre-flight check and simple shopping basket experience.

we have you covered

Media Asset Management using our Library Migration

Migration Simplified

Library migration can be daunting. With VIDA, whether you’re migrating one or many libraries, we make the process simple and clean.

An Extension of Your Team when using VIDA

An Extension of Your Team

Our partnership delivers a complete content management environment that pairs cloud-based SaaS operations with skilled experts to support your workflow.

Clean Data is Valuable Data with VIDA

Clean Data is Valuable Data

With VIDA’s AI-based verification tools data is identified and reformatted making content more accessible and readily available for distribution.

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